Righting a Wrong

25 06 2013

The Rebuttal

imageI have just had the enormous privilege of attending the DisabilityCare Conference. The Conference was a fine mix of information, celebration and drum beating about all things disability. I was privileged to be able to mingle with Australia’s elite disability activist. Among them were the Bolshy Divas – they are a group of elite disability activist, all females. I was very proud recently to have been anointed a Diva. They call me the Diva WAD. Because I do not want to offend anyone’s sensibilities I shall leave the WAD part for the reader to work out.

The Conference provided fabulous information about the NDIS. Of course we all know the name for the NDIS is now DisabilityCare. It is a name that many of us loath, including me, so I will continue to use the term NDIS. The information pertained to the structure of the scheme, what it will provide…

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