Redirecting anchor links on web pages

22 09 2013


I’ve recently discovered that it’s not possible to do a server-side redirect for anchor links on web pages! The reason is that the anchor part of the URL (the part containing the “#” and anchor name) is not sent back to the server. Not ever!

This is what happened to me recently: I had a long document, presented in one long web page. I decided to split it into two pages. A number of the headings had IDs which act as anchor links, and we know that external documents link to those anchors. I could fix any incoming links in our own documents, but not in the unknown number of documents out there on the world wide web.

This is a prime case for a redirect, or so you’d think.

An example

Let’s say I have a page called “Ice Floes“, and  I have the following HTML in…

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